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Why do we love Alignment so much? 

Our minds and senses love Alignment. We feel good when things are lined up on all levels. We sense Alignment as beautiful, balanced, orderly, and “just right.”

Why do we resonate with Alignment – on all levels?

Because Alignment loves us back!

Alignment resonates us. It shifts our subtle energies and tunes us up. It expands and inspires us.

It even inspired me to create this article – and to share with you an incredibly easy way to…

Harness the power of Alignment – for healing.

How do we love AlignmentIn so many ways! For example, we love:

  • Lists – like these bullet points you’re looking at. (If they were ragged on the left, rather than neat and aligned, it would be annoying!)
  • Numbers that match up in a pattern, like 11:11.
  • Symmetry around a center – in visual art, it feels good, and looks beautiful.
  • Eclipses and planetary alignments. (Even scoffing skeptics love eclipses, right?) 
  • Musical instruments playing in such perfect tune that they form a new unified single sound.
  • Singing the fundamental frequency of a cathedral or bathroom shower, so the sound swells to match and vibrate with the entire space.
  • The basketball swishing into the hoop perfectly.
  • Sexual union. 

It give us pleasure when everything fits together, clicks into place, or creates a neat and orderly line.

But the kind of Alignment that is truly healing is not just visual, and not just physical. It’s multi-dimensional and magically magnetic! (Actually, it’s not really magnetic, it’s morphic – an attractor vortex, a resonant field of attraction, that pulls us in.)

Alignment wants us to Align with it!

Alignment resonates with us. And we resonate back. With very little effort. Alignment meets us more than halfway.

That’s why Alignment is so powerful and instantly-healing… especially if you know how to Resonate and tune yourself into Alignment.

It’s easy! I’ll show you how right now.

Your Free Alignment: Healing to Feel Good Now

Let’s tune you up, so you can feel the pleasure & grace of your own Alignment. 

Follow the simple instructions below. Take about 10 seconds to do each item. Your resonance will Align almost instantly, on the energetic & morphic levels. Don’t over-focus or over-think. Don’t wait for your mind or sensory awareness to understand or process what’s shifting, just keep going!

  • Feel into your vertical Center. Visually, it’s not a straight line. But energetically, it is a unified field. 

  • Feel the field, running up and down your Center.

  • Sense the tube of energy that connects your root and crown, heart and mind, gut and knowing.

  • Command it all to click into Alignment… Now. Don’t worry about how. Just say this command and feel it click into your Center

All of me Aligns with Center… Now.

  • Breathe into that Alignment, and breathe out to expanding Awareness… Now.

  • Feel the yummy pleasure of that Alignment happening… Now! (If your mind is questioning “But wait. How? Why? What if?” then firmly tell it to shush!) Allow the Alignment to feel sooooo goooood! 

Monkey mind chattering? “But hold on a minute, wait, it doesn’t feel perfect yet, see the problem is…”
NO. STOP. Shhhh! Just be still and ALIGN… NOW! Breathe!

It’s OK to be brusque & firm with your chattering mind. After all, it’s constantly interrupting you, right? So don’t take any guff from it! And by the way, I actually don’t like the term “monkey mind” because it’s an insult to our cousins the monkeys! Let’s call it primate mind and admit it happens to us humans when our minds are out of Alignment!

Again: All of me Aligns with Center… Now.

Allow Alignment In. 
Expand Awareness Out.

Aaaaahhhh! Beautiful!

You have just re-tuned yourself. Clicked yourself into Alignment

You can do this anytime. You can click into Alignment, in the presence of any crap or chaos! 

The big secret: 

Sometimes it won’t feel 100% perfect. And that’s fine!

Buh-buh-but wait…

How can it be Alignment if it’s not perfect? 

That’s the beauty of this! Even a little bit of movement toward Alignment will get you in the groove of more and more Alignment. Because Alignment wants you to Align with it – and it knows that you have to start somewhere!

So don’t look for perfection. Look for the “click” instead. The click shows you that you’re in the right place.

Keep tuning in, tuning up, and allowing more clicks of Alignment.

Please comment below! What shifted for you?

Describe how Alignment feels to you in this moment. Your experience will help others to Align! Thank you!!!

Love and Wholeness,

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